5 Landscaping Tips for Spring

5 Landscaping Tips for Spring

  • Jen Caskey Group
  • 03/20/23

Spring is here, and now is the perfect time to upgrade your landscaping and exterior, especially if you’re thinking about selling.  Here are five tips to get your home looking its best in time for Spring:


Lay of the Land

How does your home look from the curb?  First impressions are impactful, so look at your home as if you were visiting for the first time.  Take stock of anything that needs to be repaired and make a list of what you’d like to do to improve your home’s exterior.  Whether you tackle this alone or with a professional, this list will help you determine where to begin.


Add Interest

Winding pathways, raised flowerbeds, gates and gardens all add interest and therefore value to your home’s exterior.  Need ideas?  Instagram, Pinterest, and garden magazines are great places to get inspiration (Flower is one of our favorites: www.flowermag.com). 


It’s All in the Details

Exterior lighting, flowers, trees, and organic gardens are all important elements in creating a beautiful exterior for your home.  Make sure the area around your home is well-lit (a good safety tip as well), plant flowers that bloom year-round, and remember that trees provide beauty as well as privacy, and shade for warmer months.  Drought-resistant succulents, grasses, and native plants are a great option and require much less maintenance.


Outdoor Rooms

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to add a welcoming outdoor space.  Here in Southern California, we are lucky to be able to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year, so creating places around your home to sit back and relax or entertain is ideal.  Depending on your space, you can add a comfortable seating area with a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen and dining room.  Water features such as a fountain or small pool are appealing and can add a soothing sound, making your home extra special in the eyes of a potential buyer!


Ask an Expert

We highly recommend contacting a landscape architect or professional landscaper to help you take stock of your space, make suggestions, and implement a plan.  These professionals can transform a static yard into a gardener’s paradise, maximizing an investment that can last for years to come.  In fact, taking the time to landscape your home can increase its value by as much as 15%, according to a study published by Virginia Tech.  A professional landscaping company will be able to assess your property and develop a strategy to ensure your goals are met.

Follow the tips above to create a stunning exterior that you will enjoy just in time for Spring, adding beauty and value to your home.  When you’re ready to discuss selling, give us a call at the Jen Caskey Group at (310) 372-2200.  We also have homes for sale in Hermosa Beach, CA, offering picturesque coastal living options. We’d love to hear from you!

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